UBOC Press Universal Battery Charger for Camera, Smartphone, Hotspot

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UBOC Press Universal Battery Charger

With UBOC your charging problems are over !     

It is our passion to bring you this amazing technology

UBOC is an adjustable charger that plugs into your wall outlet. The UBOC charges Lithium-Ion batteries in:
  • Mobile phones
  • Digital cameras
  • MP3 players
  • Hand held gaming devices
  • PDAs...and many more lithium-ion batteries under 4.7 volts
The UBOC Charger is Ideal for traveling, home, or office use. Adjustable charging pins make it simple to use. Auto detects positive and negative Auto shut off when fully charged. LCD screen indicates connection and charge USB charging port on the side. What is included?

What you will receive

  • UBOC Model Press
  • Battery Not included
  • How does it work? See the video below.


Place your battery in the UBOC tray. Line up the adjustable UBOC pins to match your batteries contacts. Most batteries are labeled positive (+) and negative (-). If yours is not, start with the outside contacts. UBOC will auto detect positive negative Slide the battery until the both pins are touching your battery contacts. The UBOC will light up when you have a good connection. If not, adjust the pins and try again. The battery is fully charged when the LCD shows four solid bars.

Plug into the wall and the UBOC light will strobe when charging

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